Co-financing program for harvesting agricultural machinery

In the program of co-financing of harvesting agricultural machinery, applications for pressure-harvesting are suspended.

Applications are being accepted for combine harvesters and other agricultural machinery.

Only the co-financing of harvesting agricultural machinery, both self-propelled and trailed is envisaged by the program.

The amount of co-financing of the agency for one beneficiary in the case of agricultural machinery intended for harvesting is not more than 30%, but not more than 150,000 GEL.

In the case of tea hand-pickup machine - not more than 50%, not more than 1000 GEL.

Beneficiary of the program can be a natural person or individual entrepreneur, the citizen of Georgia, or commercial legal entity (including agricultural cooperative) registered under the legislation of Georgia, in which the state doesn’t own the share/equity interest/capital share. 

For the detailed information visit the link. 

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