• How much money may be a natural person granted?
    Under the current Project a natural person may be granted a loan within the range of 20 000 GEL – 75 000 GEL inclusive. And in the sub-component of mechanization from GEL 7,000 to GEL 75,000.
  • May a land be purchased with a Preferential Agro Credit?
    Land may not be purchased under the current Project.
  • Who may an interested person contact to in order to take part in the Preferential Agro Credit Project?

    First of all an interested person may apply to the financial insitutions/banks that participate in the project.

  • I own a stock farm and want to expand it; can I participate in the Project?
    Yes,you can take part in the Preferential Agro Credit Project to finance your assets. For the expansion of the stock farm the appropriate farming standards must be met and the bovine, caprine must be identified in the National Food Agency.
  • How many percent is the participation of the Agency and what is the duration of participation?
    In case of financing the fixed assets the Agency will co-finance the interest rate determined by the bank by 11% of the principal amount of the loan for not more than 66 months, while in case of leasing, the maximum 12% of the financing for a maximum of 66 months, and in the case of rural part of the Produce in Georgia 10%, for no more than 24 months, the Agency shall pay its percentage participation in accordance with the Loan Schedule.
  • May a beneficiary use a Preferential Agro Credit and Preferential Agro Leasing simultaneously?
    Yes, a beneficiary may be simultaneously co-financed with the Preferential Agro Credit and Preferential Agro Leasing, provided that the sum of the loan and the lease does not exceed 1 500 000 GEL.
  • Is it possible to take simultaneous loans under the project?
    Yes, simultaneous loans may be granted if their aggregate sum does not exceed the established maximum limit, and if the amount of each simultaneous loan is not less than the minimum limit.
  • Is it possible to finance mushroom greenhouse farming under the Preferential Agro Credit project?
    Yes, the mushroom greenhouse farming may be financed under the fixed assets component of the current Project.
  • Which leasing companies participate in the Preferential Agro Leasing Project?
    Georgian Leasing Company,TBC Leasing and BHL Leasing participate in the Preferential Agro Leasing Project.
  • Can you clarify in which cases is re-securing applicable?
    Not more than 50% of the total principal amount of each new, non-refinanced loan will be re-secured by the Agency, which will be granted to the financial institutions if,due to the failure of a borrower to fulfill his/her obligations,the bank sells the initial collateral but does cover the remaining principal amount by 100%. In this case the Agency will cover the difference in the amountof 50% of the remaining amount.
  • Is it possible to re-finance the loan under the current Project?
    Yes, the loan may be re-financed if it is granted under the Project with the same purpose.
  • Can I simultaneously use both components of the Project?
    At this point you can use the Fixed Assets Component, Mechanization Subcomponent, Leasing, Leasing Mechanism Subcomponent, and the rutal component of The Produce in Georgia within the set limits.
  • Is it possible to re-finance private loans under the Project?
    As of 1, January 2015 private loans may not be re-financed under the current Project. It was possible to re-finance such loans before 1 January 2015.
  • May the construction of office premises be financed under the current Project?
    Only the office premises may not be built / repaired / equipped under the current Project.