• Is it obligatory to use consulting company services?
    Yes, it is, because it is necessary to submit a businesses plan of an established standard for final approval of your project. Business plan drown up by a consulting company will simplify this process.
  • Could the financing of the bank or the leasing company be replaced by own funds?

    It is not mandatory use a bank loan or lease to get financing. Your contribution must be at least 60% of the project cost.

  • Is it necessary to register on the web site to get acquainted with the terms and conditions of the project?

    You may get information on the projects of the Agency on the web site without registration. (Check the following link) Registration is mandatory for filing application within the framework of co-financing component of agricultural products processing enterprises;

  • Is it possible to finance existing enterprise in order to expand it?
    The expansion/modernization of existing enterprises will not be financed under the project. The project envisages financing only the establishment of new enterprises, but if the company has current commercial business, it can obtain financing for creation of a new enterprise;
  • In connection with the co-financing components of agricultural products processing enterprises: How is the application filled in?

    Applications for participation in the project of co-financing processing enterprises are submitted electronically. For registration visit the webpage.

  • I have not received an email with a link after registration, what should I do?
    In certain cases the e-mail letter may be go to "Junk" or "spam" folders. If there is no e-mail in these folders either, please contact the hotline and we will try to rectify the technical faults in the shortest period of time;
  • Which sectors will be financed?

    Visit the following link to see a detailed list of sectors and regions to be financed under the project: target segment

  • No subject is written on any field for registering on the web site. What should I do?
    First of all, pay attention from which browser you’re logged in to the website. If it is Internet Explorer, please verify its version. www.rda.gov.ge is customized to new Internet Explorer 11. If your browser is too old, upgrade version (Internet Explorer 11), and try to register again. You may also use the following browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, to which no limitations apply and can be downloaded from the links below: Mozilla Firefox; Opera; Google Chrome;
  • How is the application filled in?
    Video instructions for filling in application can be found here: video instruction
  • Is it possible to obtain financing for the establishment of enterprises in the regions, which are not specified?
    The regions, where new enterprises should be established, as well as the sectors, which will be financed, are identified in the project. If the application envisages the establishment of enterprises in regions that are not included in the list, the application will be rejected;
  • How can I send a project?
    You may find video instructions for documents adding and sending at this link: video instruction
  • Can I apply, if I do not own a company?
    You can submit an application on behalf of an individual, provided that in the event of approval of financing, the relevant company will be established, as the project envisages financing only of legal entities.
  • How many applications can be filled in by one customer?
    The number of applications submitted by one entity is not limited;
  • How will I be informed on the decision taken regarding my application?
    The review results of application submitted by you will be reflected in the web page section - "My Applications". The decision will be sent to you in writing to the e-mail address specified by you.
  • Can I submit an application on behalf of the company, at which I did not work?
    Any person who has the right to represent the company in the component may submit an application. At the same time, the person submitting an application may not work directly at the company;
  • How much the consulting company services will cost?

    The beneficiary himself pays the cost of preparing the business plan, the service fee can be specified with a specific consulting company.

  • Can I buy vehicles within the project?

    Procurement of vehicles under the project is not allowed.

  • Is the ownership of land plot/ facility considered as my participation?
    Only the monetary participation is allowed under the Program;
  • What will happen if after co-financing of the Agency the bank refused to issue a loan?
    If you fail to raise funds necessary under banking / lease financing component and does not replace it with own co-participation, you will not obtain co-financing;
  • If the bank does not approve a loan, can I apply to other bank or financial institution?
    If after approval of co-financing of the Agency, the bank refuses to issue a loan, you can apply to any of the other financial institutions involved in the project;
  • Can I apply to a financial institution, which is not involved in the project, for approval of a loan?
    No, because the agency provides partial co-financing of interest expenses for facilitation of loan / lease payment. Namely, the agency will pay an annual rate of 11% payable on your loan, for which an agreement should be signed by and between the agency and the bank / leasing company, regulating these relations. Therefore, in the absence of such agreement, the agency will not be able to co-finance interest expenses;
  • If construction and / or repair expertise is required, who incurs costs?
    The examination will be carried out by one of the experts selected by the Agency, at your option. The Agency will not reimburse the costs of the examination;
  • Can I get obtain financing for modernization of existing, but non-operating enterprise?

    Under the project the creation of new enterprises  or the rehabilitation of an inactive enterprise is financed. The modernization of the existing enterprise is not financed.

  • Can I participate in the "Co-financing of Agricultural Products Processing and Storage Enterprises" if I am already involved in the "Preferential Agro-Credit" project?

    You can. The project of "Co-financing of Agricultural Products Processing and Storage Enterprises" does not limit the use of Preferential Agro Credit.

  • What kind of storage enterprises will be financed?
    The project envisages financing only the establishment of new refrigeration and / or dry warehousing enterprises, with a capacity of less than 500 tons;
  • To what kind of products storage enterprise will co-financing apply?

    All types of enterprises will be financed under co-financing component of storage enterprises, except for:

    a) Milk and dairy products storage facility;

    b) Meat and meat products storage facility;

    c) Fish and fishery products storage facility.