• Where should I submit an application and the necessary documents to participate in the program?

    You must submit the completed application and attached documentation to the Rural Development Agency or your regional municipality counseling center.

    Note: Please note that applications for the Gardens Component can only be submitted electronically from the Agency's website.

  • Who is authorized to submit the application in the case of a legal entity?
    The application may be submitted by the Director/chairman (in case of a cooperative) or other authorized representative of the project.
  • Is the updated extract from the Public Registry required to be submitted together with other documents?

    You do not have to submit an updated statement. According to the statement, the landowner must be identifiable, the land area must be specified and no seizure must be made. At the same time, a cadastral map of the land must be submitted with the statement.

  • How will I be informed on the decision taken regarding my application?
    The decision will be sent to you in written form to the address specified by you.
  • In case of rejecting the application can I submit another application to the Agency to obtain financing?
    After remedying the flaw you can submit another application and the attached documents to the Agency.
  • Is it necessary to undergo the training?
    Its not obligatory.
  • Is the ownership of immovable property or shares within the co-financing component of the nursery gardens considered to be a partnership?
    The program component provides only monetary contributions.
  • Is the ownership of movable and immovable property or shares / stocks considered as my participation?
    Underthe Program only the monetary participation is allowed.
  • If a plot of land is in the ownership of the family and is registered on the name of one of the family members, may another member of the family participate in the Program?
    In order to participate in the Program a potential beneficiary must himself /herself be the owner of the plot of land.
  • How can be proved the existence of the funds necessary for participation?
    Not obligatory.
  • Where can I buy saplings?

    Seedlings should be purchased either from a local nursery(ies) qualified by the LEPL Agricultural Research Center (a list of local qualified nurseries can be found here) or by import (US / UK / EU and other eligible countries).

  • How do I confirm the existence of a co-payment within the Nursery Co-financing component?
    The existence of the amount is evidenced by the reported presence of the relevant amount in the bank account.
  • If the land is family owned and registered with one of the family members, can another member participate in the project?
    The potential beneficiary must be the landowner himself / herself to participate in the project.